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Monday, December 07, 2009

Zero tolerance policy

You might remember my post last spring about Spirit week. Remember when I sent my kid to school wearing this?

Only to discover later in the day that I'd actually sent her to school wearing a skirt made of THESE?

Well, I thought it only right that I confess what happened today.

Angela got off the bus after school, came marching up the driveway, walked in the house and plopped her packpack and coat on the bench in the entryway. She said hello to Dean and Tyler (ignoring me, as usual.) then looked at me. "Wwwwwhere's my gun?"


"Oh, I know!" she said, finger in the air like she just had a brilliant idea. She went into her coat...the one she had just taken off....reached into the pocket and pulled out a toy gun identical to this (except hers had an orange tip.)

It is no secret that Angela's favorite game is "jail", and that it is no fun to play "jail" without a gun in hand. Interestingly, yesterday Dean and I told her "No more jail!" because she's very obessive about it and driving everyone nuts.

I asked her why she brought the gun to school and she replied with an incredulous look, "Gah! To arrest C....Duh!"

I guess I need to start patting her down before I drop her off at school!


Lisa said...

I so want to be a mouse in your house when you try to explain to her that she can't take her gun to school. :) Oh mercy. I have a student who is way into SciFi, and thinks that he can change into a dragon and slay people with his "sword" or whatever else he can think of at the time. The only problem is, he's a senior, and the kids encourage him to act this way at lunch when the halls are full. It is so hard to tell him that he can't do this, when the kids are all clapping and laughing. He doesn't get that they are laughing AT him, not with him. ARGH!

JennyH said...

Oh my gosh!! That is hilarious!! I'm guessing she didn't get busted at school with her gun.

That is so funny.

Sheila said...

Michael took a 2 inch red, translucent squirt gun to school in the 2nd grade and was suspended for 5 days due to the zero tolerance policy at school. To this day, we still pat Michael down before leaving for school.