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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Snow Day

I bet a lot of blogs in the midwest are talking about the snow day they had today. Angela was NOT happy there wasn't any school! Not happy at all.

Dean discovered the motory on our snowblower was siezed up. Not a good discovery to make when there's 6 inches of snow on our very long driveway! So what does a good Minnesotan do? Go to Home Depot to buy another one! Not something we were planning on spending money on right now.

While Dean and Tyler were out clearing the snow, Angela really wanted to go out. She got all bundled up, grabbed her sled to pull around, and fell down in the snow. And there she sat. Her motor skills have really declined, and she's so unstable on uneven ground now. She did NOT want to walk around in the snow at all, and I was not about to pull her 113 pound self around in the sled! I think she lasted about 3 minutes out there before she came in and asked to play Wii instead.

Feeling defeated by the snow.

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Anonymous said...

Should I suggest to Angela that it's time to train your dogs to be sled dogs? hehe