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Monday, December 21, 2009

Let the scheduling conflicts begin!

When my boys were little, and playing sports, I went to EVERY game. For my own personal reasons I have issues with missing my kids' games. Even when Robbie and Noah were playing on teams in the same age group but different teams...on the same day at the same time....I went to half of one game and half of the other. I didn't miss them. And when Angela was in the NICU 75 miles away, I made sure to be home for their baseball games. Yes, it caused me some stress, but it was well worth it. And, like I said, I had my reasons.

Angela has been no different. I've never missed her events. Practices, yes plenty, but not games. Not that she's had a lot of them! Usually it's two big tournaments or meets per sport for Special Olympics so it's not too tough to get to them.

But now that she's in 7th grade, she's old enough to participate in State High School league sports. I didn't let her play soccer, because we were really unsure what her energy level would be like after a day of school. She's actually done pretty well, so she has driven me CRAZY with all the talk of Floor Hockey! Eye eye eye, if I hear "When does Floor Hockey start?" one more time, I'd pull my hair out.

Floor Hockey practices actually started the day we left of for Boston, so she could hardly wait to get back and go to her very first practice today! They practice almost every day after school, and are bussed to practice, and then home. (How cool is that?) I couldn't remember what time she was supposed to come home and was checking the schedule, when I glanced at the GAME schedule.

OH NO!!!!!!

Every one of her games are on Mondays and Wednesdays...WHEN I'M IN SCHOOL! I won't make a single game! This can't happen. I think I was excited for her to play floor hockey as she was, and now I'm going to miss all the games!

I checked my school schedule and I don't see another class I could move to at least one of the days. I'm so bummed!!!!


Molly said...

That stinks!!! Is there any way you can skip like one class and go see her play? Or have someone tape it!

Leah said...

I wish I could. When you're only in class 15 weeks, and each class is only one night a week, missing a class is a bad idea! Angela's first game is the first night of my math class. Can't miss the first night. I'm in class 3 afternoons and 2 nights a week spring semester. I guess it's inevitable that I miss something, but doggone it, I didn't want to miss her very first REAL game.

Leah said... goes against my issue about missing activities. Seriously, makes me feel so anxious!

Monica said...

Adam and I will be there cheering her on!!!! I hope you can work something out, what a conflicting feeling you must be having!!

Tamara said...

hmmmm Well, the Leah I know will find the positive, the lesson, the benefit ... how about increasing Angela's communication skills because she'll have something fun (not like school) to tell you about? :-) Have someone video and let her give you a play by play. Might be even more fun to watch her play with her by your side -