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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Meeting MORE friends!

I tell ya what! Kathleen is THE sweetest person!!!! I met her online at The Doodle Zoo (a dog forum) a couple years ago. When I posted that we'd be in Boston and was anyone around with therapy doodles, Kathleen said she'd love to help us see some of Boston. Kathleen planned a great day for us, getting passes for the Children's museum, and while Angela and I were doing that Kathleen would take Tyler to the Aquarium.

Unfortunately the tests Angela had done this morning were under sedation, so by the time we got back from the hospital at 1:00, she fell sound asleep and slept until a little after 4. But Kathleen came and picked up Tyler so he could see some of Boston! He had a great time at the aquarium. I had given him enough money to get himself a souvenir, but he bought a gift for me instead. He is the sweetest kid! He brought me this beautiful glass dolphin. I know just where I'll put it when we get home.

When they were done at the aquarium they came back to the hotel and picked us up, and we all went to dinner together in Boston. We had a great time, and saw some really nice evening sights. The weather was beautiful for walking around (which is great since I hear tomorrow its going to turn ugly!) and we just had a really nice time! I have pictures on my cell phone that I'll post tomorrow.

Thanks so much Kathleen, for your wonderful hospitality!


Lund7 said...

Sounds like you are managing to have some fun on this trip too! I haven't been following blogs recently but just know that you and Angela have been in my thoughts and prayers alot lately!!

I just read your previous post on Teaching and it brought tears to my eyes! What a beautiful lesson it is to all of us on what these special kids can teach us!!

kam said...

Hi Leah. It was a pleasure to meet you, Angela, and Tyler. I hope Angela's procedure is successful. She is a doll and I appreciated all of the sweet hugs she gave me! Tyler was a delight to spend time with and we had a good time visiting the Aquarium and hanging out together. I wish you all the best days.