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Thursday, December 03, 2009

21 years

21 years ago, I woke up in the wee hours of the morning hugely pregnant and having 2 minute contractions.

21 years ago, we realized we'd forgotten to arrange for someone to watch 15 month old Noah while we went to the hospital to deliver the new baby. (oops!)

21 years ago, my (then) husband left the house without me. He left to bring Noah to his mom's house, only he forgot to tell me. I came out of the bathroom to find the car gone. I called me mom, "Ummm he left without me."

21 years ago my husband came flying back into the driveway and escorted me to the car while I had another contraction.

21 years ago, I went from 1 cm to fully dilated in less than an hour.

21 year ago I gave two hard pushes.

21 years ago, as he was laid on my belly, I looked into the eyes of my son for the first time, and knew that he was perfect, just as God had intended him to be.

21 years ago, I held Tyler Ray for the first time.
21 years ago life changed for us, just as it does every time a baby is born and a new member comes home to the family.

21 years ago God started teaching me new things, and I'm still learning them.

21 years ago God blessed me more than I could ever know.

Tyler, I have spent the past 21 years watching you grow, and learn, and find your way in the world. I cried many tears, and I smiled many smiles, but mostly I thanked God every day for giving me the gift of having you for a son.


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