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Friday, December 25, 2009

Taylor Lautner and Miley Cyrus

*disclaimer* I have not seen "New Moon", nor have I seen "Twilight", nor have I ready any of the books, and have no intention to, mostly because I just don't have time, but also because the whole vampire thing just makes my spirit crawl. That said, this post is about a phenomenon that I've seen the past few months.

This whole thing about the TEEN hear throbs is interesting to me. Lets look at it from a couple different perspectives, shall we?

A year or so ago, there were pictures out of Miley Cyrus that everyone agreed were a bit...umm...suggestive? She had just turned 16 at the time, and is now 17. The celebrity gossip was abuzz about how in the world her dad let that happen, how awful that she posed for those pictures, and other comments along those lines. Whenever she's in the news, all you hear are comments about the fact she is far more "grown up" in many ways than she should be.

Now, lets look at Taylor Lautner. The 17 year old star of "New Moon." (he'll turn 18 in February) He was previously seen in "Twilight". Now, go google images if him, even those at 15 and 16. They are not exactly innocent!


I'm shocked by what I hear grown women (many well over 40!) saying about Taylor. They make no effort to hide their attraction to this KID. He's SEVENTEEN. Google blogs and you will find even more grown women posting about their attraction to him.

I wonder, if men wrote similar blogs about Miley Cyrus, what would people say? Would they call them dirty pigs, posting about their sexual attraction to a CHILD? Would they be labeled as potential predators?

I don't get it. I don't understand the double standard at all.

What are your thoughts?


Molly said...

Thank you!!!!! I'm sorry but I'm 21 and even I think that Taylor Lautner is too young for me to find attractive. and yet there are grown women who want him to sign their underwear. Um, that's just weird. It's creepy.

Also, Miley Cyrus and her little sister have done a ton of things that aren't at all age appropriate. There was video of her 9 year old sister dancing to a song called "smack that". What kind of parent lets their child listen to that? It's a song about pole dancers. I think boundaries need to be set for both male and female children. It's weird that it's ok for older women to fettishize Taylor. If I was Taylor Lautner I'd be REALLY uncomfortable.

Shelley said...

First, I will admit that the Twlight Saga are my all time favorite fiction books. Seriously.
I do, however, completely agree with you about Taylor Lautner. he is a KID. And, umm,his character in the books is a KID...written to be a very imature kid at that. So, there is no doubt who the character is, nor that Tylor himself is a kid! It bothers me that there are so many photos out there of Taylor that clearly portray him as a sex symbol....and you are right, it's a double standard.
So, yes, I LOVE the Twilight Saga. Yes, I've seen the movies. And yes, I completely agree with you that the mess surrounding Taylor Lautner is wrong. He's a kid.

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

I totally agree!!! I haven't read the books either but I have seen the first movie because Kassidy wanted to see it so I watched it first to see if I thought it was ok for her to watch. I personally thought it was kind of dumb, but whatever! LOL But yeah, I felt NO attraction whatsoever to the CHILD in the movie. Seriously. EWW. He was cute but in a "aww what a cute kid" kind of way not in a Ben Afleck kind of way! LOL And yeah, if 40 year old men were writing about Miley, they'd probably be arrested for stalking! LOL

Kristen's mom said...

I am totally with you on this one. I was just at WalMart with my husband and there was this very large poster on Miley promoting her clothing line and she was showing so much and for sure wearing a Victoria Secret extra sexy push up bra or something it was too much!

Dianna said...

Fantastic post, Leah. What you've written here is exactly what I've been unable to understand. What do people see in Miley and Taylor? They should still be able to have their childhood innocence without having to "grow up" so quickly in the camera spotlight.