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Saturday, December 19, 2009

We're home!

Tyler's flight got him home at 11:30 yesterday morning. A friend picked him up at the airport and we haven't seen him since. ;-) (I guess he missed his friends! LOL)

Angela and I, on the other hand, flew through Atlanta. Did you listen to the weather at all yesterday and hear about Alanta's mess? We were stuck down there for a few hours, and finally made it home at 5:00 yesterday. We were wiped out! Angela was in bed for the night at 7:30, and seemed happy to fold herself up in her own bed.

So how is Angela doing? Well, the doctor told us swelling might be an issue for a few days, and I hope that's all that's going on right now. Swallowing is definitely a problem right now, and I'm about 80% sure she aspirated a couple of times since Thursday. I say 80% because it's been a long time since I've heard that sound. If she still sounds raspy on Monday I'll bring her into our regular doctor to listen to her.

My plans for the weekend are to get some stuff done!!! Thankfully "cleaning" is not on that list! But, the tree has been up for a week, and is still completely bare. It doesn't even have lights on it. I have Christmas cards to get in the mail, but no picture to put in them yet. And in order to get the picture I want I have to get 2 of our 4 dogs groomed. That's several hours of work right there. Oh, and Christmas shopping to finish. Dean is also sick with the flu so I'll be trying to make up for some of the pampering he missed all week!

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Kathie Brinkman said...

skip the decorations and the cards. send out new year's cards or early Valentine's day cards. just do the shopping and relax.