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Friday, December 11, 2009

Baby 19 arrives! Prayers needed

I know a lot of people can't stand the Duggars, and then there are people like me who are fascinated by the family. Do I agree with everything they do? It doesn't really matter, does it? It's their life to live the way they choose, have to's fascinating watching how their family functions!

Anyway, Michelle Duggar delivered baby #19 by emergency C-section at 24 weeks. Michelle was airlifted to an Arkansas hospital with gallbladder problems, and is still having problems. And, obviously, the baby is going to need many prayers. That's a very early premie. (the newborn in the picture is baby #18 who was born last winter.)

I have to admit, that I've had a secret...not sure what to call it....almost "hope" maybe? That this baby would end up having DS. Not because I'm wising anything bad on the family, because I don't think having a baby with DS is a bad thing. But because I know they'd be an awesome family for a little one with DS, and I'd love watching a child with DS thrive in the environment of a zillion siblings, on TV, for all the world to see it's not a bad thing. Besides, the odds are stacked for a baby with DS with 19 kids!

I guess it doesn't matter if you like the Duggars or not. They still need prayers for Michelle and her baby at the moment. And yes, I feel silly posting something about a "TV family", but, are they any less deserving?

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My Girls R Angels said...

Too funny, I have had the same "hope" for the exact same reasons!