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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The Value of Friendships

I've started reading a new blog recently, called "Trenches of Mommyhood". Today she has a post about cellphone usage. Her post reminded me about something I've been meaning to blog about but wasn't sure how to say it. Over the weekend I was reminded, once again, the damage that can be done to friendships by a piece of technology that was designed to keep us better connected.

I have a good friend who is addicted to texting.

There, I said it. Only she needs to say it to herself. I don't know if she realizes just how bad her habit has gotten. I did try to bring it up to her once, but she got very defensive very quickly. The last time I got together with her, she either sent or received a text every 3 minutes, and would start texting her responses while she was mid-sentence with me.

It was rude.

It said to me, "The person I'm texting is more important than our friendship at the moment."

She is even missing out on her child's life, because while she is physically there for whatever event the child participates in, she has NO CLUE what's actually going on. Again, I witnessed this for the umpteenth time this past weekend. I have watched her totally blow off something exciting her child is telling her as she jumps to read yet another text that has vibrated the phone that never leaves her hand.

It is sad. The people around her, those she considers to be her good friends, are talking about it. She is oblivious, because it would mean putting down her phone to notice.

What about you? Do you know someone who is hooked to their phone, 24/7? Has your relationship been devalued by it?

Coming soon...teens and cell phones. Where are they learning their habits?


Sandie said...

You ask: What to do? Send her a text and tell her like it is.

Natalie said...

We were sitting on the beach last summer and watched two teenagers walking along next to each other with heads down and eyes and hands glued to their cell phones. They were not interacting with each other or the beautiful day at all, but were clearly constantly texting. We wondered...were they texting each other?

Linnea said...

Text messages are horrible. I admit I text.. a lot, but I think it is a horrible invention. Someone could say. Hey! (as in a friendly hi) and people hear you yelling at them. Texts have no emotion and can be taken wrong or if someone doesnt text back or if the text gets lost then people get mad or offended.

I try not to text when I am with people. I know I wouldnt like it.

Be blessed

Valle said...

my first thought was that you should text her and tell her what you think. People are truly oblivious to how rude it is, and how obtrusive. I tell my son that when I'm talking to him I am the priority. If someone texts, he is not obligated to answer it that very second.
It would be very interesting to have your friend print out all these texts to illustrate how inane they are. I hope you can get through to her!