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Friday, March 25, 2011

The Love of a Mother

After deliberating for 5 hours. (!!!) Kirill's parents were told they could not have him. That he was not adaptable to society. He has Down syndrome, you know. That makes him unadoptable.

But the judge didn't see this video.

Kirill's mother was being careful. She was doing the dance that all of us new adoptive moms do, trying not to frighten him. Especially Kirill who has NEVER known the love of a mother. She kept her distance. She did not intrude.

Look what Kirill chose:

He chose a mother's love.

Storming heaven, that's what we need to do about this. That is all we can do about this. God is in control of all of it, but he commands that we come together as one to pray for this child. Please visit the Davis' blog, and let them know you're praying. Give them encouragement. They are currently back in the US, and little Kirill is alone again in Russia. Alone, wondering where is that mama who held him close. Where is that love he got to taste, for just a few hours out of  his life.

There is another family coming before this same judge in just a few days. Please Lord, we are begging you, turn this judge's heart to butter and melt it into the puddle it should be for these children!

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blcmec1 said...

What a beautiful video. The judge should see this. Praying for them!
- Maureen