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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

so stink'in smart!

Axel is learning SO fast! He's picking up cuing a little at a time, AND learning to read. Wow....amazing. In this video, you see him cue the chunk "an", then he has to find it in the words (or non-sense words) on the worksheet and circle them. Part of the reason I'm using Cued Speech with Axel is it makes him understandable. He cannot say the sound "n" at this point, and cuing gives him a way to show he recognizes it even without being able to actually say it. He can cue the SOUNDS (not the letter, the SOUND) "a" or "n" independently, and he can put them together to make "an". LOVE CUED SPEECH!


Kim said...

Leah, that is just a miracle! Axel was found by THE RIGHT mommy for him. What a blessing to witness.

Please do a post on cuing! Tell me where I can learn how to cue. I can see that as being very effective for Charlie. He no longer signs, and is a very fluent speaker, but he is a tactile and visual learner, and "seeing sounds" would be great for him.

Anonymous said...

Oh, what a smart little boy! I am so proud of him and his hard work. Good job, Axel! And good job, Mama!

I'm curious about cuing as well. I'd love to see a post with more details.

Melissa :)