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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Can I just say....

That Tamiflu is a most amazing drug?

If you're not on my Facebook, then you missed the discussion about Dean last weekend. You see, on Saturday afternoon Dean was just starting to get sick, and by Sunday he was *really* sick.

Sunday I took the kids to Angela's swim meet, then to a cousin's basketball tournament. Basically putting Dean in Quarantine and leaving him alone so he could sleep. I had no doubt he had the flu. I've had it many times. There's no mistaking that certain body ache/fever/chills combination.

I begged him to go in and get tested, and get himself Tamiflu. But alas, Dean is a man, and isn't about to bring himself to the doctor...for anything. (this could end up being the topic of another blog post.)

None of us got the flu shot this year. I'm not quite sure how that happened, but Angela and I usually get one. Somehow it got forgotten in the midst of the adoption stuff. Axel did get a flu shot last week, but this exposure from Dean was too soon for the shot to be effective. Dean doesn't, but after he got H1N1 last year, he swore he'd get a flu shot this year. Anyway I was a bit irritated when Dean wouldn't go in and get checked out. I considered it just plain selfishness since we have two kids here who are at serious risk if they get the flu.

Monday was Axel's surgery, and I was feeling fine.

Tuesday afternoon found me going from "fine" to a high fever in just three short hours. I was *sick*. Right away Monday morning I called and got myself into the doctor (See Dean, really NOT that difficult!) I tested positive for Type A Influenza and left with a prescription for Tamiflu. Then I was able to call the kids' doctor and get tamiflu for them too.

Yesterday afternoon I still had a 103* fever. Today? WOW! Whole new person! Other than a leftover cough I feel pretty good. Dean on the other hand? Not so good. He's still sick. It's too late for him to take Tamiflu. Hopefully it will help the kids avoid getting the flu from us.

I reminded Dean about last year when the flu went through here and our house spent TWO months very sick. He agreed that next year he wants the shot. LOL

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