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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Ear tubes

What I won't do for a nap! Today's little procedure got me a free ticket to Uninterrupted!!!!! Axel even napped with me. Three hours is all day, isn't it? During that time Dean went to school to pick up Angela who has pink eye. (Gotta get that cleared up before her swim meet this weekend.)

So what did I have done? Well, last spring I had tubes put in my ears so that I can fly without being in excruciating pain when the plane decends. Seriously, it is like someone stabbing me in the ears with ice picks, with my right ear being *slighty* more painful that the left. This is due to severe eustachian tube dysfunction. You would think, when the plane lands and we're back to ground pressure, that I'd be fine, right? NOT! I flew to Philly with Axel two weeks ago and my right ear was still closed when I went into surgery this morning. This causes me to have a lot of trouble hearing clearly and localizing sounds.

Anyway, back in April I had the regular type of tubes put in. These are the same ones they put in little kids.

The problem with those tubes is for most adults they don't stay in very long. Mine fell out about a month ago, and within a couple days of each other. I knew when the first on came out because of the negative pressure on my ear drum.

But I have a lot of flying to do in the next several months, bringing Axel back and forth to Philly, etc. I don't want pain, and I want to be able to hear! So today my ENT put T-tubes in.
These cause a little more scarring to the ear drum, but they stay in the ear much longer *on most people*. The really cool thing is, when I have tubes in my ears I can fly pain free AND hear once the  plane lands!

For those with kids who get tubes in their ears and you wonder what they feel like, well let me tell you. The tube can't be felt at all, but my ears are a little sore, particularly if I hiccup or do other things that put pressure on my drums. But it's minor, and not something I would even take Tylenol for. My ears are itchy though!

Now, bring on the flights! Where should I go to next? Hmmmmmmmmm

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