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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Speaking her mind

Today Angela had a check-up with the eye specialist. This visit is usually a three step process. First she sees one person who checks her vision...I guess. Then another guy, Joe", who checks the prescription on her glasses, and checks her eyes with the new prescription. Then she sees the specialist who looks in her eyes, assures me her cataracts are not changed, and all is good.

So today, we get to step two with Joe. The conversation went like this:

Joe: Hi Angela. I'm Joe.
Angela: I know you. I remember you.
J: I remember you too. Is that your brother Axel? I just met him a few weeks ago.
A: Yes, that's Axel. He's 10.
J: (pulling over one of the thingies that you put your chin in.) I'm going to use this special flashlight to look at your eyes.
A: Hey Joe. You're hot.

This is where I about fell out of my chair.

J: Well......umm...Thanks Angela. I think that's the best compliment I've gotten today.
A: Hey Joe.
J: (cautiously) Yeah?
A: Wanna go on a date with me?
J: Well, I have a date with my wife tonight. Sorry about that.
A: Awww Darnit! You broke my heart.

Seriously, this kid cracks me up.

When we left, Angela walked out of the exam room and all the techs and stuff were discussing something in the hallway. (probably what they had just found out Angela said to Joe.) Angela pumps her arm, "Yes! My eyes can see!"

Axel was behind her, imitating her actions, "Glanjanvidnkjndunehfnaane!"

One of the techs commented, "Those two are a hoot together!"

She was so right.


Tamara said...

Great story. Glad Joe handled it so well.

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The Ironic Catholic said...

That's hysterical!