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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Mystery

In the almost 4 months Axel  has been home, we have not had one single toileting issue during the day. We did have to teach him how to go standing up, and deal with some stubbornness, but never had an accidents.

I was gone for part of the evening, so Dean did dinner with the kids, etc. When I got home Axel was already in his pajamas. He usually likes to hang out with us and watch TV in the evening, but tonight Dean said he sat for only a few minutes after dinner then headed to his bedroom to play.

VERY unusual for him to do this at night.

Imagine our surprise tonight when Dean went to tuck Axel into bed and found his bed soaking wet. Freshly soaking wet. Just the comforter, nothing else. As soon Axel realized we knew this, the guilty face and tears showed up. I pulled his clothes he'd taken off out of the hamper, and they were dry.

Axel went to bed without a blanket.

(although he never sleeps with one on, later after he's asleep I'll put one over him.)

I think putting him into school just upped the ante around here in all kinds of ways. This is going to be our next battle of the wills, I think.


blcmec1 said...

Just curious to know how you handled this? Did you acknowledge it? Discipline him? Thanks - Maureen

Leah S. said...

Blcmec1- By this time I was DONE. Completely at my limit. And SHOCKED that he did this since we haven't had ANYTHING like this from him. I put his hand on the wet spot on the blanket and said, "Axel, why is your bed wet?" Of course he can't answer that. No where near answering "why" questions yet. But his face speaks volumes. I said, "You peed on your bed. Now you have no blanket tonight." and put him to bed. I HATE walking out of my kids' bedrooms for the last time at night with them crying. I want the last thing they remember at night to be that Mom and Dad love them NO MATTER WHAT. I said goodnight, and Axel pointed to the blanket on the floor (because he wanted it.) I said, "No. No blanket for you." He didn't cry but he did have huge crocodile tears. I really didn't know what more to do with him at this point. It was just a bad end to a very long day for him.

Nance said...

Oh the joys of motherhood!!!! LOL!
How many more toothbrushes do you need to reach your goal?????