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Friday, March 11, 2011


I guess you could say I'm a bit superstitious sometimes.

Let's say you're at a BMX track with your son and a group of his friends for his birthday. Let's say you've watched them pedal their little legs off and can see they're getting tired. You tell them it's time to leave, but one of the kids says, "Just one more time ok?" Don't do it! Pack everyone up right that second and get in the car! Why? Because "Just one more time" leads to stitches, concussions, or a combination of the two. I know this. I've learned this lesson. My older kids have learned this lesson.

If my ride bell on my motorcycle should fall off for some unexplainable reason, I'm not riding. Nope. Not. Not until I have a new bell on my bike or I reattached *my* bell. Nothing has ever happened to me, but it could. I've learned from others. It happened to them.

I have many exciting things to share, and yet I can't. I can't because doing so could possibly maybe jinx them. Don't you just hate that feeling?

What can I do to satisfy this urge I have to talk? To share exciting news? Maybe share another picture? Sure, why not?

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Tilly Cat & Pip-Squeak said...

Guess: You're getting a pilot licence (need 20/20 vision, and you'll be also needing the tubes in your ears , inserted while you're sat on the chair in the first picture.)You're doing a sponsored flight to fundraise for the patch adams organisation.