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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Times Square... we're HOME!

I can't believe a week went by! As Angela would say, "Holy cows!"

First, the drive out (20+ hours of driving) went very well. Angela did GREAT and we didn't have one single issue. NOT ONE! She slept for a whole 40 minutes of the whole trip. For her, the highlight was swimming at the hotel. LOL

We got to my friends in NJ on after getting only a tiny bit lost (can you hear the sarcasm?) at 10:30 pm on Thursday.

Friday was a fun day! We met Erin Leigh and her family at Chuck E Cheese. Angela had a BLAST playing video games and stuff. Dillion is a DOLL child and it was so fun to see him in person. Say a prayer for Erin Leigh, as she's having c-section this week on Friday. She's anxious to be DONE! LOL

Saturday we went to watch my friend's daughter at her Fencing practice. I've never seen fencing before, and knew NOTHING of how it worked. Angela had fun watching too...that is when she wasn't asking for money to go get snacks from the lady at the snack table. Typical 12 year old! LOL

Sunday was THE BIG DAY we had come for! Oh my gosh..where do I begin? How about getting to the train? We had to leave the house at 7:15, and were up in plenty of time, but Angela was pokey eating breakfast so we didn't leave until about 7:25. Bad...bad...We were to meet Stephanie at 8:00. My friends husband lead the way, and I followed behind in my car. We pulled up to the station at 7:58, and he ran in to get our tickets while Angela and I parked the car, did a record-fast unload, and raced to the building. I order her to "SIT NOW!" in her stroller and we RAN down the hallway to where the train was. As I scanned the crowd for Steph and her family, my friend turned the corner to this big flight of stairs...and me with Angela in her chair. No time to wait for the elevator, I ordered Angela to walk fast down the stairs (yeah right) while I carried the chair down, and David held the train. Before I knew it we were on and headed on our way. I called Steph, and they had just gotten to the station and would be catching the next train so we met them at NYC Penn Station.

Ok, the first time I cried was when I got to hug Steph! We've met before, and it was great to see and "old friend"! And a HUGE relief that I was no longer alone. SHE was the woman of knowledge that day and got us everywhere we needed to be. I don't know what I would have done without her. I came out of the train station looking like a tourist with my video camera rolling. LOL

We made it to Times Square just as the video was starting. As soon as the first picture came up, I got all choked up and couldn't even talk. The coolest thing was every time someone's kid came up on the screen, you'd hear their family cheering somewhere in Times Square. It gave me the chills! For us, Megan's picture came up first, and it was so exciting to see beautiful Megan up there! But I couldn't share in the celebration, afraid that if I took my eyes off the screen I'd miss Angela. To give you a reference point, it's hard to see in this picture, but there is a patch of sidewalk in the MIDDLE of the street. Right smack dab in the middle of Times Square, that THAT is where we were standing! In the background you can see people crowded on the sidewalk, but there is another street right behind it. I was very nervous that Angela would step into the street and the traffic that was ZOOMING by!

On that picture, notice the black screen that says "Panasonic". That's the screen Angela was on. It's about 5 or 6 stories off the ground, and is 40 feet tall.

And then all of a sudden there she was...40 feet tall for all the world to see, right there in Times Square. She was SO EXCITED to see herself up there, but I was too choked up to say ANYTHING! I did video tape the event, but one of Steph's entourage snapped a still shot.

And then it was done! About that time it started P-O-U-R-I-N-G. We were supposed to catch a shuttle bus to Central Park, and all morning I'd been torn about going or not. Steph's group wasn't, and I had yet to meet Tom and Michel. Fortunately the weather made my decision for me, and we went back to the square.

And there stood Tom and Michel!!! The Mommy and Daddy of Downsyn! I can't tell you how thrilled I was to finally meet the two of them, and especially Mikey! Of course, we all know Tom is a very smart man, and right away he said, "You look MUCH younger in person than you do in pictures!" What a schmoozer. Wink And Michel was full of compliments on my beautiful Angela. All of us looked like drowned rats by that point, but at least we were happy rats.

Here's a picture of Michel, Megan, Stephanie, Angela and me, taken while taking cover under an awning in Times Square. It was POURING out!

I have more pictures, and lots of touristy video, but I have to fine my firewire to get them off the video camera!

We "did lunch in the city", with Mikey flirting with Angela the whole time. It was interesting to see Angela's reaction to the couple of love punches Mikey had for her. gave her a dose of her own medicine! She looked quite offended at first, but once I explained that Mikey used his hands to talk, and that he was saying he liked her, she changed her approach and started engaging him. Well, that and dishing up stuff for him. Mikey lasted a LONG time in a crowded restaurant. When he made it clear it was time to be done Angela announced, "Someone's having a bad day." in a sing-song voice. Then Tom came back for a bit and Angela had her TRUE love all to herself for a bit! She no longer had to share him with that Michel. LOL She would have gone home with you in a heartbeat Tom!

When it was time for Tom and Michel to head home we said our goodbyes and went to Toys R Us with Steph's group. It is right on Times Square, and is Toys R Us on steroids! Holy cow!

Before we knew it, it was time to head back to the train, where I got to spend the best time with Megan!!! Olivia was busy sleeping, so Megan got my undivided attention. She and I sang songs, and I taught her a new one which she loved. She is the most beautiful child! Talking tons, and reminds me so much of a blonde Angela at that age. We had a tearful goodbye at the station (ok, I was crying, everyone else was fine! LOL) and we made it back to the house without even getting lost.

Angela and I headed for home Monday morning, and after a small detour in the Poconos, we were on our way. Note: while the colors in the Poconos were BEAUTIFUL because they were peaking, we weren't SUPPOSED to see them! LOL When I saw, "Last rest stop in Pennsylvania" I thought "Wait a minute. Pennsylvania is MUCH bigger than THAT!" Sure enough, I'd missed a turn which added about 100 miles to our trip. LOL

We're home now. By 8:00 last night it felt like we'd NEVER make it home, but we did at 9:30. Angela is anxious to get back to school today. As for me, after a grand total of 45 hours of driving, I think I'm laying low.

I have to go buy another fire wire for my video camera so I can get the pics off it.

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SunflowerStories said...

What an adventure!!! I'm in awe of you taking that trip with Angela. It sounds like it was worth every minute of driving time.