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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

21 things about Angela

As 31 for 21 is coming to an end, I realize just how many days I skipped. But, while I skipped days, I still have 34 posts so far! LOL

Today I'm going to list 21 things about Angela:

1. Angela is a total tomboy. For some reason when I was pregnant with her I had dreams about having this little girly-girl, which is funny considering I am SO NOT THAT!

2. Angela is going to be a Knight for Halloween. Not a princess, not a fairy, not a cute bunny. No, she's going to be a knight with a shield, sword, helmet, and chest plate. No girly stuff for her.

3. Angela loves stripes, and will do anything to wear stripes every day. The other day she was watching "Cory In The House" while I was dozing on the couch. I heard her say, "I like that shirt!" to the air in general. I opened one eye, and sure enough, there was Cory wearing a shirt with wide stripes. LOL

4. Angela will only watch The Disney Channel. If I want her to watch a show on another channel she will for a few minutes, but only until she realizes that little Disney logo isn't in the corner of the screen, then she wants the channel changed.

5. Angela has the Disney Channel line-up for the next week memorized. Every week they run adds for things like a movie that will be on over the weekend, or a new episode of Zack and Cody coming up, and she will spend the week reminding me that it's going to be on.

6. Angela still loves Zack and Cody, although she doesn't seem to like the new show as much as the old one. Bummer for her they had to let the characters grow up!

7. Something not TV related: Angela loves to work with the dogs. Each dog knows different tricks, and Angela loves to run each of them through their paces. She also loves to do agility with them. Sadly I don't think we have time for Jr. agility this year, which she really loved last year.

8. Angela is going to be moving to a downstairs bedroom. That is, if I can ever get it cleaned out and repainted. It was the bedroom of 2 of her brothers, and there is just a lot of junk in there! She's both anxious and worried about moving to this room. We're doing it because her current bedroom is the coldest room in the house, and she likes to sleep with the door closed. The basement bedroom is the warmest room in the house and she'll be much more comfortable. That is, if she isn't scared down there! LOL

9. Angela loves to cook. Unfortunately she got a mother who does not, which means I really hate teaching her how to do it (probably because I don't have a clue what I'm doing.) but I'm trying.

10. Angela is very excited that she'll be starting horseback riding lessons in a couple of weeks. We found a place right down the road from us that will take her. One of her former PCA's would take her riding at her barn all the time, and Angela was in heaven. At this place she'll learn a lot about caring for a horse and that kind of stuff. The woman who's teaching her was a special ed teacher in a neighboring district until this year, when she decided to teach with kids who have disabilities to ride.

11. Angela loves loves loves middle school. She is SO independent there, I can see why she loves it! She moves about the building on her own, and knows where she needs to be and is all business about getting there.

12. Angela's birthday is June 6th. Since June 7th of this year she's been planning her 13th birthday party. She says she's going to have a dance party. It sounds like she's planning her sweet 16 party!

13. Angela's favorite friend is Adam (hi Monica!). Adam is turning 10 and also has DS. The two of them together are like a little old married couple. If they end up getting married someday, Adam's mom and I are in trouble!

14. I've lost count of how many surgeries Angela has had in her short life. Most of them were GI related. I know she was over 20, but I'm lost from there.

15. Angela knows where every children's hospital is within a 20 mile radious. This is a little scary since there are a lot of them!

16. As long as she's been there once, Angela can give you directions to anywhere. Last week her PCA was bringing her to swimming. He got turned around and a little bit lost, but Angela knew exactly where they were, and how to get back to swimming!

17. Angela loves swimming, but she hates getting ready to go. Sometimes getting her out the door takes some very clever thinking, but once she's in the car she's ready to go swim.

18. Angela is learning to do the Butterfly stroke, and it's pretty funny to watch. She's also learning how to put her face in, swim a couple strokes, then take a breath and do it all again. I, on the other hand, can't put my face in the water.

19. Angela does not have a favorite food that I know of. She will eat anything but eggs, but if she doesn't KNOW it's eggs she's eating, she's fine. ;-)

20. Angela has 4 big brothers. I know I don't talk about them much here, but she does! They are Robbie 22, Noah 21, Tyler 19 (20 next month) and Bryon 19. Robbie has 3 kids and lives in Southern ILL, so Angela only gets to see him a couple times a year at best. Noah lives nearby but is a stranger these days, and the same goes for Tyler. Bryon just joined the Army and is currently in AIT. Angela misses all her brothers something awful! We all wished they lived closer and were more involved with her. Being young men, I don't think they realize just how much she misses them!

21. Angela knows no limitations. She strives to be independent and just one of the crowd, and is probably one of the funniest kids I know!


Christina said...

LOL...Kallie loves Disney too...Whenever we are driving home she'll say, "Mommy, I watch 290?" That's the Disney Channel...too much!

datri said...

That's great about the horses! Since she does so well with the dogs I'm sure she'll do great with the horses!

Monica said...

This was very fun to read!!! I learned a lot about my possibly future daughter-in law!!! :)

Tom P. said...

Michel and I are so glad that we got to meet Angela. She really is a wonderful young lady. And of course we are glad that we got to meet you too! ;)