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Friday, October 10, 2008

Oh my gosh, I missed a day!

Uh oh. I can't believe I missed a day. Shame on me! So what can I tell you that's interesting?

Well, SOS Players started up again. This is a theater group Angela is involved in that is absolutely wonderful. They do two "demo's" every year...winter and Angela is now working on her monologue to be performed sometime around Christmas.

You might remember the one she did last spring, with our friend Greg. This time, (well, as of right now, we might change it) she's doing all on her own. All the kids do monologues that are about real-life situations (but are written by someone else.) For Angela, it's easier for her to memorize if it's something meaningful to her. Where last time she told her birth story, (which made for a lot of tears in the audience!) this time she's explaining Down syndrome, and I found a way to address the "R word" in there too!

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