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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Win a laptop-Help an adoption

I'm an avid blog reader. (wish I could get paid for it. LOL) One of the blogs I follow "The Sunflower Chronicles" is written by a mom who has 3 kids. A 12 year old son, a biological daughter Caelia who has DS, and Valeria who aslo has DS and was adopted from Ukraine this year.

They are also in the process of adopting another child who has DS. However, there have been some policy/political changes and their expenses have dramatically increased. To help with their adoption process they're holding a raffle for a Dell Mini Inspiron laptop. Entries are just $5!

If you'd like to learn more, please visit her blog post here. Or, if you'd like to just enter, click on the "chip in" button below.

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datri said...

Darn it, my PayPal account is completely empty. I'm going to have to find some stuff to sell on Ebay so I can keep supporting my fellow bloggers. I put the ChipIn on my blog in the meantime at least.