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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Time to Say Goodbye

Yes, sadly, it's that time of year again. In just a few short weeks the snow and ice will start blowing here in Minnesota, and as usual I'll spend the winter dreaming of moving south. (Actually Dean says if I can find a job for him in a southern state, he's there! LOL Unfortunately the chances of that are very slim for several reasons.)

So what does this mean? Time to say goodbye to Nooner and Spank for the winter. I'm going to miss them a lot! I spent 6,000+ miles on the seat of Nooner this summer, and Angela spent a fair amount riding in Spank.

For the sake of space they'll spend the winter separated, on opposite sides of the garage. I hope they don't miss each other too much, and I hope the mice leave Spank alone! I probably won't seem them again until the end of March or so, which seems like forever away right now. I have tentative plans for a big trip in April, (which seems even further away.) And then Dean and I have plans to ride several big charity runs next summer.

Goodbye Nooner. Goodbye Spank. I'll miss you!

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JSB23 said...

So sad :(