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Thursday, October 23, 2008

When simple isn't simple anymore

Ok, so Angela needs a new pair of glasses. (Actually, I'm going to buy a couple pairs at once so we have back-ups! LOL) I really wanted to try the Specs4us glasses, since they're specifically designed to fit the faces of kids who have DS. Typical glasses have never worked well for Angela, which is part of the reason she's not so good at wearing them. Like most kids with DS, she has NO nasal bridge. (it's just starting to develop and is still very small) This causes her glasses to slip down so she's looking over the top of them, which defeats the purpose. Her head is very small, so to find glasses that fit the width of eyes AND her small head shape is difficult. Her ears are closer to her face than typical kids, making the bows of most glasses much too long. Her eyes are wide-set, which means the distance between her pupils is wider than in typical kids, and most glasses don't accommodate for that so she ends up looking through the inside corner of her glasses, which is not the best area to access the prescription.

The woman who runs Specs4us has worked with many Walmarts and had them order directly from her. Yeah..our Walmart wouldn't even consider picking up to phone to call and see how it worked. Nope...they're not gonna do it! I went to the more expensive place next door, and they can only order from people on their supplier list, or from this big book of ALL the manufacturers, only Specs4us wasn't in that book, so they won't do it either..............sigh..........

There is another place called Glasses Menagerie, and I know a lot of people who go there, but why in the world should I need to go across town when there are umpteen places within a few miles of me? What a pain in the neck.

And...I need to fit the glasses with Angela hearing aids. Oh, one small problem. WHERE IN THE WORLD ARE ANGELA'S HEARING AIDS???????????????????? That's only...oh, $8,000 or so that is MISSING!

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