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Monday, October 06, 2008


Angela had her area bowling tournament yesterday. (and of course, I forgot to bring the camera!) Dean took her to the last practice she attended and with his coaching she did great, but I was a bit worried because she missed the last couple of practices all together. To get some practice in quick she and I went bowling on Saturday at the same lanes the tourney would be held at. She's very familiar with the place since it's where Dean league bowls on Thursday nights. Yeah...our little practice didn't go so well. The first game she didn't hit ONE single pin! Every ball was in the gutter. They're not allowed to use bumpers in the tourney, so I wanted her to bowl at least one game without them. The second game I put them up, and although she never once hit them she scored a 52.

So yesterday there were 8 kids between 2 lanes, all of them around the same age and ability. The first 6 frames of the first game NOT ONE PIN was hit between the 8 kids. They were all quite frustrated. Keep in mind that for the tourneys coaches can't coach, and parents can't be down on the floor either. So those of us with control issues sometimes give ourselves a timeout to the parking lot. (we'd go to the bar, but it's closed for this event. LOL) Anyway, finally all the athletes found their groove. Angela ended up scoring a 58 the first game, and 54 the second. She even picked up two spares. Needless to say she was quite proud of herself.

I have decided to get her a ball of her own though. There were about 50 athletes there yesterday who all needed a 7 pound ball, which are hard to come by. I'm going to let Angela pick a really cool one like Hello Kitty or one of the other million design choices.

Dean left early Friday morning to go hunting/fishing/mostly male bonding with his twin brother Dave, while Angela and I just hung out and bowled.

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