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Friday, September 26, 2008

We're here! We're here!

WHEW! We made it! We left about 1:30 Weds, and drove to Portage, Indiana where we stayed the night in what had to be the most disgusting hotel I've ever stayed in. Note to self: Just because it says, "Days Inn" on the sign means NOTHING! Yes, they'll be hearing from me!

Yesterday was a marathon drive. I seem to have a lot of marathons in my life these days. Anyway, we left the hotel at 8:30 a.m. and drove another 800 miles to Tink's place. I only got us a tiny bit lost on the New Jersey turnpike. Just enough that by 10:00 pm my brain was fried, it was raining and pitch dark, and I'd had it. I called Tink's husband and told him where I was, and he came to meet me...just a few minutes from their house! Really it was a HUGE relief not to have to THINK, instead just following the car in front of me!

Angela did AWESOME! She's such a great traveler, really. The last half hour was lots of, "I'm so tired mom. Soooo tired!" But she's like her mom and doesn't want to miss a thing!

Today while Tink is working Angela and I will hopefully be hooking up with friends from the DS community. I can't wait!


sarah said...

Hi, I have to introduce myself quick, my name is Sarah, I'm a member on Downsyn forum and read your blog as well. I always read and appreciate your suggestions, comments etc. Just wanted to say I live 5 minutes from Portage, I read about your hotel experience and if your coming this way on the way back through I would be happy to suggest a better hotel, would even offer a room at our house, its a bit crazy but we would be happy to have you!!! and would love to meet you and Angela, hope that wasn't too forward of me! Have a great time in New York

Leah said...

Hey Sarah! PM me on dowsyn with a phone number and maybe we can hook up on our way through?

Kristen said...

Glad you made it!!! Yeah, NEVER stay at Days Inn- they are the worst! I have had nothing but negative experiences with them.