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Monday, October 13, 2008

We're adding time! WHOO HOO

Angela is doing so fantastic in school this year!!!! So far, there has been ONE DAY where there was a potential problem. Today at conferences her teacher told me, "There was a day last week when I asked her to do something and her body kind of stiffened, and she gave me a sideways glance so I quick thought of something to ask Angela about what she was doing after school and all was well."

Wow..that is a LONG WAY from how things were going last year!

Angela is also one of the "copy" kids. She and another student take a cart and go all over school picking up/dropping off copies for the teachers. At first I was not thrilled with this job, except that it gets Angela out of the room when she needs a break. Then I realized just how great this job is!

First of all, it gives very social Angela a chance to meet EVERY SINGLE TEACHER in the building, and EVERY student in every grade knows who she is as well. She has quite a following. Wink

This job also involves all kinds of skill learning that is snuck in there:

There is a card file, with an index card for every teacher in the building. She has to put them back in alphabetical order.

The teacher name cards are color-coded, and there is a map of the school that is color coded as well. So Angela has to see which part of the building that teacher is in, THEN find their class room on the school map.

There are different keys to different elevators in the building. Angela has been dubbed "the key master" because she's the most responsible with the key. Last week the special ed teacher couldn't get the elevator to work right, and Angela showed her how to fix the problem. Laughing

She has learned that if she gets to a classroom and that teacher is teaching, she cannot talk to them. She quietly goes in and checks their copy box and takes out the necessary papers. If she's delivering copies she sets them on the teacher's desk. One teacher has treats for her on occasion. LOL

For two plus years Angela has been coming home from her HALF DAY and sleeping for 1-2 hours after school. This year she comes home and is wanting to know "What's next?" So, it's time to start adding time to her school day. On the 27th (have to get transportation arranged) she'll get an hour added to her day, and we'll see how she does with that.

Some of you know we chose her current time to come home because it coincides with when the other 6th graders go to art. Ummm...Angela doesn't DO art, and this year I agreed I wouldn't push the issue any more, as it was hell for everyone involved. Well, a week or so ago Angela suddenly became obessed with drawing. You have to realize that where drawing is concerned, Angela is at about a 3 year old level. Her people don't even have bodies on them yet, just big eyes and a mouth. Well, now she wants to go to art, because she hears the other 6th graders talking about their clay masks. So, we'll see how she does with a SHORTENED art experience.

Also, right now she leaves school before the other kids eat lunch, so she's been eating alone in the classroom. This is actually ok, because she hasn't been able to handle the school lunch room for several years. It's just too much for her and she hates all the noise and commotion. Also, with her blood sugar issues, even though she gets a snack in the morning they eat way too late for her. Well, adding time to her day she's still going to eat in the room, but when the other 6th graders eat lunch she'll have short snack with them and have a bit more social time with her friends.

Assuming there are no problems. (we are moving into winter, and she usually starts getting sick in November) then after the 1st of the year we'll revisit the issue and see about extending her to a full day. I can't wait! Maybe, just maybe, I could go back to work!


datri said...

Wow! I'm so excited for Angela. Hope it all goes well!

Gravity's Rainbow said...

same here

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

I'm excited too! She deserves a fabulous year! Who knows, she may be on the road to prom queen! :)