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Thursday, October 02, 2008


Monday, as we were driving through beautiful Pennsylvania, a state patrol officer decided he'd like to have a little conference with me on the side of the interstate.

Angela, sitting in the front seat engrossed in a movie, wasn't even aware that we'd pulled over. Suddenly there was a State Patrol standing next to her window that I had just rolled down.

With eyes as big as saucers she said, "Uh oh! Was I bad? Am I underarrested?" He assured her that no, she was not. Pointing at me with her thumb she asked, "Is my mom underarrested?" No...your mom isn't under arrest either. "Is my brother Tyler underarrested?" No, not even Tyler.

He proceeded to ask me for all the necessary documentation. The insurance card was right where it was supposed to be, but I couldn't find the car registration. I couldn't even think straight enough to plead my case and get away with a warning instead. Hard to do when you're doing 82 in a 65. Doggone Sante Fe has a mind of it's own!

Anyhow, $150 needs to be sent to the state of Pennsylvania this week.


Kristen said...

Aw man, that sucks! I got a ticket 4 days into my trip home in California. I was so pi**ed! He could have given you a warning simply for Angela's cuteness- geesh!

Randy and Sheila said...

I would have let you go with a warning just because Angela is so sweet!