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Friday, October 17, 2008

Invisible people

They say having a good imagination a sign of intelligence. If that is true, then Angela is our Einstein with an extra chromosome. Seriously, this kid has THE most vivid imagination I've ever seen.

We often have extra people with us. At least, I assume they're people, because I can't SEE them. A year or so it got to the point that I had to remind Angela that "Invisible people have to wait in the car." when we'd go to a store or something. She's also not allowed to mention them in conversations with people outside of our home. Here's an example:

Hair cut lady, she cuts Angela's hair: What do you like to do when you're not in school?

Angela: with Zach and Cody.

Hair cut lady: Oh, are Zach and Cody your brothers?

Angela: No, my brothers are Noah, Tyler, Robbie and Bryon. Zach and Cody are my friends?

In case you don't know who Zach and Cody are, they're characters on a Disney Channel show, "The Suite Life of Zach and Cody".

Angela often asks me to set a plate for the invisible people, even though every time she does this I say, "Sorry, I don't cook for anyone I can't see." (well, ok I don't cook for anyone, but you get the point.) When she buckles her seat belt she ALWAYS buckles the other one too, so whoever is with us that I can't see stays safe. I certainly wouldn't want an invisible person to go through the windshield now, would we? When she goes to sleep at night, it's only after a long conversation (which includes giggling and "Oh Zack, you're too funny", and other similar phrases.)

Yesterday Angela's good friend Adam went out of town. Apparently she's missing him because "he" was with us all day yesterday. In fact, the two of them built a fort in my living room, played fetch with the dogs, and had a popcorn party in the above mentioned fort. I expected that "Adam" would be with us again today.

Angela woke up before me and was watching T.V. When I got up I said,

"Good morning Angela. How are you this morning?"

Angela: Good morning mom! I'm fine!

As I turned to let the dogs out she yelled, "Wait! Don't forget to say Good Morning to Abby!"

and so now I wonder, who in the world is Abby?????