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Monday, February 14, 2011

When he hurts

Axel is in pain tonight.

At least we think he is. We really don't know.

He has no way to tell us. He doesn't cry. He doesn't complain or point.

Tonight, and a couple nights in the past week, he's seemed depressed. He didn't eat much dinner tonight...or lunch for that matter. He is just here with us, watching t.v. sober faced and occasionally makes kind of a sucking motion with his mouth.

I'm pretty sure it's his mouth that hurts, and he must be miserable. We can't even fix it for him because of his neck. (for those who are new here, Axel came home with several broken and abscessed teeth and needs a lot of oral surgery to repair his mouth.) My poor baby. No child deserves to be in pain like this. I can't think of anything worse than mouth or other pain in your head.

Please pray we can keep Axel as pain free as possible while we get this all sorted out. For now I'm going to get some Tylenol into him and hope that helps.

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taseynell said...


My dentist gave me a tip to help deal with the toothache pain. Try to rotate tylenol and advil (ibuprofen) every two hours. They both do vastly different things for your system, and you are still staying within the recommended dosages for both drugs every 4 hours. Ask your dentist to see if this is a viable option for Axel.