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Thursday, February 24, 2011

CT is a bust

Axel was supposed to have a CT with contrast today. This would allow the spine surgeon to look at the anatomy of his arteries and veins in the area to make sure there are no abnormalities he needs to take into consideration prior to doing the spinal fusion.

We were able to get the I.V. in while Axel kicked like a kung fu stuntman. We strapped him all down and he calmed down very well and laid very still. The problem was he was just on edge enough that we didn't think he would hold still once the contrast was started. The contrast feels very odd (I had it a couple years ago. It makes you feel like you've just peed yourself! LOL) and we were pretty sure Axel would have freaked out once that started. I don't know who's idea it was to try this without sedation, but I know it wasn't mine! The contrast is not without risks, so we opted to avoid the trial and error method.

I let the radiologist know that Axel was going to be in on the 7th to have his dental work done under anesthesia, so they were able to add the CT scan to that schedule as well. Kind of a waste of a morning today,  not feeding the kid, etc. But, we tried. And we know it will get done on the 7th without issue!

I have a fun post coming later tonight about some of the new stuff Axel is doing now!

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