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Monday, February 28, 2011

Surgery Date

For those who have Axel on their prayer list, Axel will be admitted to Shriner's Children's hospital on May 15th, and his surgery will be the following day on May 16th.

I was so looking forward to this summer. Taking Axel to the beach that is right across the road. Doing Special Olympics with him, and a bazillion other things he's never gotten to do, but will instead have to sometimes watch Angela do. That, and it's going to be a long hot summer with the halo on, and the lambs will vest that goes underneath it and NEVER comes off.

One week from today he has his oral surgery to get his poor, miserable mouth taken care of. He's going to feel so much better.


Twilson9608 said...

I feel for him with the oral issues. I think mouth pain is the worst of the worst and I felt sick to my stomach seeing what he has had to suffer with through out these years. I am glad that he will soon know what it feels like to NOT have to have a constant pain in his mouth. I feel for you with his next surgery, in May. I know how it feels to want to be able to do things with your children, but cant, especially for medical reasons. I haven't fully caught up on Angela, so I am not sure on all of the details of her growing up, but i'm sure that this is nothing new to you, unfortunately. We are getting close to being able to do a lot of what we have missed out on doing with Vada during her first year. It'll be fun and then she'll have her heart surgery and we'll have to restrict once again..., but it's all worth it! The time missed now is only a speck in the time that we will share with our children overall. Im glad that Axel has you and your family... Im glad that you all have each other!

Coleen said...

I will continue to pary for Axel! I know he will feel SO much better when everything is taken care of! There will be plenty of Summers to do all the fun things he never did. He has a lifetime to enjoy it all with the his FAMILY! Call me with the details of when you are coming into town. I can be your shuttle or even a place to stay! Whatever you need!