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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

A Post By Axel: The Dentist

Yesterday Mama and I picked Angela up early from school and brought her to a little building. There were people there, and the were putting things in Angela's mouth! Angela has shiny things on her teeth, and the lady put more of them on. Poor Angela! I was very worried about her, but I was more worried that someone would put ME on that chair! I didn't talk to ANYONE there, and I didn't look at anyone either. As long as I couldn't see them, I was safe. I was very relieved when Mama said we were going home. Angela seemed fine though. I patted her on the back when she was done, just to make sure she knew I was worried about her.

Today Mama and I took Angela to that place called school, then we went home to play, just like we do every day that Angela goes there. Usually I have to wait all day for Angela to come home again. One day I saw her get off a giant yellow vehicle. Mama says it's called a "bus".

But today was different. We were only home long enough for one Signing time video, and I jumped on the jumper thing, and played counting on the iPad. Mama showed me pictures on the computer. There was a man looking in a boy's mouth, and putting things in just like the lady did to Angela yesterday. Mama said he is called "dentist". She showed me the sign for "dentist". The boy in the pictures was smiling. Then Mama said wit her hands, "Axel, get your shoes on. We're going to the dentist." I don't know what that means, but then she signed "Angela" so I knew I was going to see my sister again! I love seeing my sister.

We went into Angela's school and said hello to everyone while Mama did something with papers. When we got back in the car Mama said, "Axel, now we're going to the Dentist." I knew she was talking about me, because she signed, "Axel", and "Dentist" again. "Dentist" puts things in the boys mouth. I felt worried, but I wasn't sure why.

When we got to the big building, Angela showed me to push a button for "up". Mama and Angela both signed "up".

We went into the little room, and Mama said, "Push 4", but I like pushing LOTS of buttons, and which one is "4"? Mama helped me find "4".

Angela sat in the big chair, then a woman came and put things in Angela's mouth. Angela never stopped talking the whole time, and she didn't seem very worried. Mama brought me to the other side of the chair so I could watch. Mama signed some things with her hands, but the only signs I knew were "Angela finished, Axel turn" then she pointed at the chair. I felt VERY worried now!

A man came. Mama signed "dentist" again, then the man looked in Angela's mouth. Angela looked happy to see him, and called him, "King".

Soon Angela was all done, and she got to take a toy out of a small box. Mama said this was a "prize".

Then Mama said the worst thing! "Axel, your turn." and told me to!

I didn't want to let go of Mama, but she signed, "Big boy" and "Good boy", then "Prize". Prize is when Angela got to get a toy out of that box. I patted the chair and smiled at Mama.

Mama helped me climb in the big chair. It wasn't so bad!

Then a lady came and gave me a toothbrush. I LOVE toothbrushes! They feel good on my tongue, but not other parts of my mouth. Then she gave me a little mirror to look too. That was fun!

Then "King" came into the room. He smiled at me.

Mama signed, "Lay down". HUH?

and the chair started to move. I was SO SCARED! Chairs are NOT supposed to move! I grabbed onto Mama and held on for dear life!

Mama stopped taking pictures and held onto me. I was very scared. I sat on Mama's lap and hugged her. Then....then they started tipping me back. Oh, I was scared, but Mama was holding me, and smiling. She did not look worried. Angela did not look worried. My head rested on King's knees. Mama said, "Aaaahhh" which is what we do when we brush our teeth. I opened my mouth a little and King put that little mirror and my new toothbrush into my mouth. He started saying numbers and letters, and big words like, "Abscess" and "crown" while he counted.

I saw Mama get a tear on her cheek.

Then Mama signed, "All done!" and handed me the box that is "prize". The lady told me I could take two!

When we got back to the chairs Mama wrote on lots of papers. Later we called Papa on the phone, and Mama said words like, "Surgery" and "anesthesia" and "xrays" and "heart".

I have no idea what she was talking about, but I know Papa was on the phone.

Tonight at dinner Mama said, "Tomorrow doctor" and something about Papa too. I hope nobody is going to look in my mouth again.

**Note from Mom**
Axel has four abscessed teeth that the dentist was able to see, along with one questionable front tooth. He can see many cavities, but all that is only a cursory look before Axel went into full-out panic. All of the damaged teeth he saw so far are permanent teeth so when he has surgery soon, he'll also have spacers put in (kind of like a bridge) to keep his good teeth from moving around too much. The dentist said there is NO WAY Axel is not in pain, and yet he's never shown us any indication of pain, which just tells us he's been living this way for a very long time.

Tomorrow we got to the International Adoption Clinic, where he'll be seeing several specialists. He'll also have his AAI screening done, and we'll get referrals to cardiology and ophthalmology so we can get in sooner than if I scheduled them myself. He'll also have an OT assessment, and then a LOT of blood drawn! Thankfully, Dean is going along.


Tamara said...

Dang. I was hoping your assessment was wrong. :-(

abby said...

Poor guy! We just took Y into the dentist and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that she only has 4 on the other hand....anyway, hopefully his trip to the IAC isn't too bad. When they drew Milo's blood, it was one stick but lots of vials full. They were pretty quick about it.

Linnea said...

Oh what a trooper! Praying for Axel. I hate dentists. I can only imagine the pain.

Also thank you for what you said to me. I will take the help. If I am honest it is getting to be a lot and my other kids are paying. Also I may have to try to speak up about the nurse they sent to interview. She is old and cant do steps cant have him on the ground cant hold him and is worried bc she lives so far away and the roads may get bad. I too am worried but about her being able to care for him. But she was here face to face and I didnt want to hurt her feelings. I wish I were stronger.

Be blessed

G-Zell said...

Poor Axel :(
He did really good.

Angela is such a great big sister! awwww so sweet

Karien Prinlsoo said...

Leah-is the medicaid? sorted yet? Hope and pray that it is done in time, so you won't have to pay anything out of pocket. I love your updates about Axel and your family.

Leah said...

@Karien: Axel doesn't have medicaid but his health insurance will be in place soon. The dentist said to just send the information as soon as we have it. The International adoption clinic said, "The last thing we want is a family who has just spend thousands on an adoption to get receive yet another bill. If you get a bill DON'T PAY IT! Let us negotiate with your insurance company for you." So I'm not worried about it. I know this visit will be covered, I just need the pokey worker to get it done and the information to me.

Jackie said...

Poo, can you imagine what his mouth feels like? Poor little dude. Wish you luck with all your other visits, bummer they had to confirm your suspicions. Asa is the WORST at the dentist, it is a bloody screaming tirade :-( Thank God we have an excellent pedi dentist - love him!

Scarehaircare said...

Aw, Axel, sending you much love and hugs from Idaho. We love our dentist. The Love Magnet calls him Dr. Teeth.

Hugs to Mama and Papa, too. It's hard to find out your kid has been in pain.