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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Breath in, Breath out

I was able to get Axel's dental surgery scheduled for March 7th. SUPER!!! His spine surgery can be scheduled 4 weeks after that. Which puts us to the first week of April.

Ohhhh small problem there. The spine surgeon is gone most of the month of April.

That puts us to May. I have "things" going on in May. Big things. REALLY big things. Ok God, what is up with this?

I put Axel on a cancellation list. If someone cancels their surgery because their kid is sick or something, Axel could get in.

Ok God, do your stuff. There is a reason for all things. I keep having to remind myself of that. A reason for all things....a reason for all things...a reason for all things....


blcmec1 said...

Very frustrating, but He has a plan and things will all work out. Axel is in our thoughts and prayers. - Maureen

Ellen said...

Of course put him on a list for cancellation for the dental surgery. Call those people back, plead the urgency of his spinal surgery and beg for an earlier dental surgery. May not work but pushing and nagging can often help.