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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


My friend Lisa, who's been following my blog here for a long time, is also my sister in leather. She shares a love for something I hold dear to my heart. Something had to set aside most of last summer because all of our spare cash was being put into the adoption.

Tonight Lisa posted this on my Facebook wall.

As soon as I opened the link, my heart rate doubled, I swear! I felt all full of butterflies in my stomach, and my palms got sweaty.  My throttle hand even started tingling. Sounds like love, doesn't it?

For those who are new here, I spend my summers doing this:

Did you notice the bike with the sidecar? That's Nooner and Spank. Angela rides in Spank. This was a custom job I had done just for Angela. And when I want to ride on just two wheels, Spank can hang out in the garage while Nooner and I ride the countryside.

Right now Nooner and Spank are cold and lonely in the garage. I have a little work to do on Nooner before I can ride for the first time this season, which is why I ended ride season in July last year. Soon Nooner.....very very soon!

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My name is Sarah said...

OMG there it is. The bike we dream of. Hope you get to ride soon.