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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Our weeks ahead

What's up the next couple of weeks? Let's see....

Angela does not have school tomorrow due to the holiday. Well, even if she did it would probably be canceled since we're in the middle of a blizzard here. Funny, although there have been 60-some inches of snow here so far this year, there has only been one school closing in our district due to weather this year.

Thursday Axel has a CT scan with contrast. (read, getting an IV and this is NOT gonna go over well!) This is so Axel's surgeon in Philadelphia can see how much bone he's going to have to work with as he plans for Axel's surgery. The more bone there is, the better! When kids are little their vertebrae still have a lot of cartilage, which is why the AAI screening x-rays should not be done before age 3. When kids are little and need spinal fusion due to AAI, they usually need bone taken from their hip to help support the screws and other hardware, and to encourage bone growth to stabilize the neck. Because Axel is older, he will hopefully have more bone to work with and NOT need any of his hip bone taken. The other parents I've talked to who's kid have had fusions done say the hip was the more difficult part of recovery for their kids.

On March 2nd Angela has an appointment with the pediatric ophthalmologist. Just a check up so we can order new glasses. Axel will be very jealous since I had to take away his play glasses due to unnecessary roughness. LOL

On March 3rd I'm having surgery to have new tubes placed in my ears. Usually for adults they can do it right in the office. Due to other issues they have to put me out like they do for little kids. Hey, any excuse for a NAP, right? It's a nice quick procedure, and the last time I was driving myself home by noon. (shhhh don't tell anyone that part! I was supposed to have a "responsible adult" with me, and I did...only he was not able to drive me home.)

Somewhere in there we hope to have Axel's oral surgery done. Just waiting to hear from the pediatric dentist. Once that's done we can schedule his spinal fusion! I'm guessing there will be a surprise dr. visit or something along the way as well! LOL

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