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Monday, February 28, 2011

Note to Self

Note to Self:

It is crucial to tell Axel which part of the meal is edible and which is not.

Angela had an orthodontist appointment this morning, and didn't eat much breakfast before we left. I knew that she wouldn't make it to her school lunch hour so I swung into McDonald's to get her a hashbrown and orange juice. (and yes, I'm well aware they have no nutritional value.)

I got one for her, and handed one back to Axel. I showed him how to hold it in the little paper envelope thingy since it was still hot and...well...they're quite greasy.

A couple minutes later I can see in my mirror that he's eaten about half of it so I reached back and told him to hand it to me. I wanted to pull it out of the paper some more since he will practically eat his finger tips before moving them out of the way of his teeth! I bring his hashbrown in front of me and look down.

He has eaten about 1/2 of the paper envelope thingy along with the hashbrown.


Surely he has eaten enough McDonalds by now to know to remove the paper? Well, thankfully he has NOT eaten that much McDonalds, so no, he didn't know.

Should I be concerned about the paper? I mean, they put it over food, surely it's not treated with THAT many chemicals or dyes, is it. Never mind, we eat taco bell, he'll be just fine.

From now on I will be sure to tell him to not eat the paper, or the styrofoam, or whatever other types of packaging comes on fast food.

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Natalie said...

That was laugh out loud funny. Thanks for sharing it.