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Friday, February 11, 2011

Who Knew?

When I was a kid, a staple food was rice with warm milk, sugar and cinnamon. Mmmm Just the thought of that stuff makes me hungry! When Mom and Dad weren't going to be home in time for dinner, it was a toss up which one I'd have, cereal or rice.

A couple weeks ago I was cruising through Target for nothing in particular, just a place to get Axel out of the house for a bit. Those are the most dangerous trips, really. My word I can spend more money there on absolutely nothing that I've suddenly decided I need.

So there we were at Target when I stumble upon this thing

Do you know what it is? I didn't. I had no clue, but it looked like a gadget I would be interested in, so I picked up the box and read it.

A rice cooker/steamer thingy!

Says it cooks rice (the real stuff, not minute rice!) in a matter of minutes. AND AND AND you can put the top tray on and steam veggies or meat in the top, essentially cooking an ENTIRE meal at one time. Seriously, it showed an entire meal in there on the box!!

This is a device designed just for me! I had no idea such a thing existed, but that's really no surprise since I usually avoid the kitchen at all costs. (my adult kids and Dean can tell you why they're glad I do.)  I quickly went from kitchen gadgets isle to the grocery area and picked up rice. Lots of rice. I was going to relive my childhood.

As I drove home with this treasure in the car, all I could think of was rice with warm milk, sugar and cinnamon. Axel and I carried our things into the house and I opened the box, popped the thing on the counter and put it all together. It looked like a mystery...hmmm...ok fine I'll read the instructions. This thing is SO SIMPLE to use. I know, because I can use it.

Fifteen minutes later Axel and I were enjoying a heavenly snack, and my tummy was happy. Axel seemed to like it too! Not too long later Dean came home, saw what we were having and he dove in too. Then called his twin brother and said, "Guess what I'm having!" because apparently this was a snack the two of them had shared a lot when they were growing up.

Life is good now. I can live off rice and cereal, I'm pretty sure. I'll probably gain 30 pounds and develop problems with my blood sugar, but my tummy will be happy.

Oh, and the full meal thing? Yeah, I haven't tried that yet. Why? Who needs anything besides rice?


Gretchen Thibault said...

I LOVE my rice cooker!

Difference2This1 said...

As a parent of three Asian children and a 4th who loves Asian food I can tell you...our rice cooker gets a workout :) We haven't made minute rice in years. I've not cooked meat it in, but we've steamed vegetables in the tray. We make oatmeal in it about 1x week from a recipe in Mary@ Owlhaven's "Family Secret's" cookbook ( me if you want the recipe.

Becky said...

Okay...because of you I am now the proud owner of a rice cooker thingy. My 5 girls from China are of course rice lovers and I have never had the sugar and cinnamon today, my girls and I trotted off to Wal-mart in search of a rice cooker thingy. We can't wait to try the rice with cinnamon and sugar...sounds yummy.

Alicia said...

oh thats so cool! love american gadgets ;)

we have something like that! the dessert, but instead of milk and sugar, try sweetened condensated milk dont know how would the recipe would go in your rice cooker

but usually i made rice with water, until the rice is ready, and there is not much water, then i put one can 14oz of sweetened condensated milk, and some cinammon, yummm