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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

We're Home

Ok, quick recap since posting from my droid was apparently an issue!

So, yesterday at school Angela had some kind of neurological event. She was confused off an on, not sure really what was going on or where she was coming from/going to, etc. Then would be find for a little bit, then repeat the confusion.

The first 1/2 hr our so we were at the hospital hospital she was still a little confused, with a very flat affect.  She can normally tell you which hospital of the MANY in the Twin Cities she is at, and probably directions on how to get here. This time she didn't know where she was when the nurse asked her. Then about 10 minutes later she looked around all surprised and said, "I'm in a hospital bed!" in a "How did I get HERE?" sort of way. Then the nurse asked her where she was and she said, "The hospital in Minneapolis.". So she was back with us. From there she started perking up, and soon her sense of humor was back and she was hamming it up.

She had a CT and EEG done. Her CT scan was unchanged from her previous ones (which is good). At first we were told her EEG was "fine". However once we were in a room (they decided to keep her overnight to watch her. She was THRILLED since she truly loves the hospital. The goof!) the nurse told us her EEG had shown something. Later the doctor who was on said it showed a little bit of unusual activity that is often seen after a seizure (Amy, I have NO CLUE as to the specifics but will ask when we see her regular neuro) However, she's had abnormal EEG's before, but they did NOT show seizure activity when she does have seizures. So...who knows?

So, their best guess at this point is she had some kind of seizure activity, or a drug interaction. They asked me several times if there was any way she could have gotten into her meds at home and gotten extra doses or anything. Our meds are kept up HIGH in a lock now. And, she's not inclined to get into stuff like that anyway. They still ran a drug tox screen and all that stuff just to make sure. The even mentioned remote possibility some kid at school slipped her something. Wow...that's a scary thought, isn't it??? One that has never occurred to me before, and now I will be freaked out about THAT!

We're home now. Not changing med doses or anything unless she has another similar event. Today she is 100% back to herself, and just wants me to wash her hair to get the EEG glue out. That will have to wait though, because I have a TON of running around to do to get some records for Axel that need to go along with us tomorrow for his procedures.

Busy busy busy.....


Deryck said...

Glad she's home :) I know what Perse is like at the hospital too. Last time she called in they asked if she wanted to stay for lunch!!

Linnea said...

Oh I hope she wasnt drugged and I hope it wasnt a seizure. Nothing serious is my prayer. Be blessed


Cindy said...

Scary!! Glad she's home though. I hope they figure out soon what caused it!

racheal_stewart said...

Glad you are home, hoping Angela does not have a repeat.

Lund7 said...

I've been praying for her...glad she's home and doing better!