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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Favorite Spots

Angela and Axel both have favorite spots in the house. When they have the opportunity to play on their own, this is where they go.

Axel hangs out in his room, in this corner, and gathers all his favorite possessions around him. He has entire room to play in, but he likes THIS corner. I think because it faces the door and he has that nice warm vent behind him. LOL

He loves the books he has tucked under his arm! Thanks to my friend from high school, Kim, for sending them to him.

I don't know if Axel had ever seen Duplos before, but man does he love them! He will play with these for HOURS! Making towers, hammers, and has started trying his skills at vehicles. Looking at this picture, I realize he has picked out all of one type of block to use for whatever he's building this time.

But these are his "room" things. When he's hanging out with the rest of us he carries different things with him. If he wants to move to a different room, or a different place to sit, he gathers all his items up in his arms (he usually has anywhere from 3-6 things) and brings them along. This is sometimes a pain in the neck when you're waiting for him. He will keep this set of items for several days, then one day he comes out in the morning with a new set. It's funny to see what he likes to carry around.

Angela's favorite place to hang out is the basement family room, where the TV is permanently set to the Disney channel and pretty much nobody bothers her. Here she can dance and re-enact her favorite shows at top volume without disturbing anyone. Also, this is where all the invisible people hang out, since they're not allowed upstairs anymore. Does anyone else have a rule in their house like, "No invisible people allowed upstairs."?

Angela loves to stand on the fireplace hearth (which is about 18 inches high) and hold "concerts". We really need to get her a karaoke machine.

Axel hasn't been allowed in the basement much unless we're with him. His play can get out of hand pretty quickly, and sometimes Angela can be a bit rough and tumble. Since his spinal cord is so vulnerable right now he's just better off upstairs. But sometimes if I'm going to be down there doing laundry or something, I'll let him hang out with Angela. She's not always willing to have a visitor since he doesn't understand that she has assigned him a role in whatever script she has running through her head, which means he doesn't say the right lines at the right time. She tries to be a patient director.

Tonight they were making a music video. I think. There was music going, and they were both dancing.

When I asked what they were doing, I got the exasperated, "Moooom!" and she fell on the bed in a fit of laughter because I am so clueless.

But since the paparazzi had shown up with a camera, she was willing to pose for a couple shots.


Kim said...

I am SO glad to know that Axel is enjoying the books! My eyes, somehow, got all teary...

Kim said...

I just had to comment about Axel's "collection". Charlie does that! He has a little back-pack on wheels that he now totes his collection around in. Since he figured out his collection was easier to carry when on wheels, his collection is now smaller and less cumbersome. Thank goodness! And like Axel, the collection changes every few days. :)

Beth said...

Our invisible people have to stay out of the car, and not be present when non-family members are around.
But we do enjoy eavesdropping on their conversations!