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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The End of an Era

Dean and I share a love of lots of, motorcycles, naps on the couch, and dogs.

Our love of dogs and raising puppies has kept us occupied for several years. It has been incredibly rewarding, and I have made some wonderful friends along the way. I have gotten to be part of so many children getting the dog they would grow up with. I have helped families choose their fur-children, and held their hands as they navigated the world of puppy potty training, obedience training, and loving a dog like they never thought possible.

Those who've been here when we have puppies know I am the freaky dog lady on the hill. Always playing with the puppies, nurturing them, preparing them to be good family dogs. I teach them. I talk to them. This is especially easy to do when they're right in my living room. That also means LOTS of clean-up on an almost constant basis. It means if anyone comes over I'm freaking out about how much my house smells like dogs and puppies. It means stress.

In April our lives suddenly took a different turn. We decided to add more human children to our house. Our last litter left just a couple of weeks before I boarded the plane to get Axel. Last week I was looking at the calendar and realized our next litter of puppies would be due about the same time I'm headed back to school in September. (for those who don't know, I started back to school a year ago in September, but took this year off to complete our adoptions. I have to go back full-time in September 2011) As I sat with the calendar in front of me, I saw my future flash before my eyes.

In that vision, I had two new kids, school schedules for FOUR of us, plus Dean's work, Special Olympics stuff for the kids, swimming and homework up the wazoo for me, oh and lets through in a ton of medical issues for one of the kids. Yeah, just the THOUGHT of adding a litter of puppies to the mix made my blood pressure rise!

Some of you have already discovered that our dog website is down. It has run it's course. D & L Doodles, loving goldendoodles from our living room to yours, has officially closed it's doors.

And I'm OK with that.

** note** to our puppy families who read our blog, don't panic! We're still here for you!

And so I leave you with some pictures from the past couple of years....


Kathie Brinkman said...

Good decision. Think about it, in addition to Angela & Tyler, you have poured your nurturing spirit and desire to teach and train into your dogs and puppies for the past few years and so many families have benefited from your skills. Not to mention the mentoring and encouragement you've given to the new owners! Now a new season has come for you and Dean to nurture, teach, train and equip more human kiddos. How wonderful. It's just another step in the parenting journey God has had you two on ALL along!!! And who knows, maybe in another few years you'll be ready to raise up some new litters of D&L doodles--since you'll have 2 extra pairs of loving, helping hands around your home!!! You and Dean are such wonderful peeps!!

Linnea said...

I thought the puppy pictures were cute until I saw the last picture. OMGSH! That is the best picture I have ever seen!

Be blessed


Sandie said...

Love those! But you left a couple of the really good ones out. Please share those too.

e said...

SWEET!! that last one needs to be entered in some kind of conte$t!


Ilze Lachkaya said...

I love the lost picture - Angela with 4 friends. :)

Kathleen said...

Beautiful dogs. The last picture is the best, though. We've always been "dog people" including training foster puppies for Paws with a Cause. We are currently dogless. So sad.