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Monday, January 31, 2011

Pre-op Exam

Today was Axel's pre-op exam for his MRI and ABR which will be done on Weds.

You know, he is all talkative, and fun and games when Angela is the one being seen. Yeah, only today Angela was not with us (since she was FINALLY well enough to go back to school after missing an entire week!)

Without big sis around, my little spider monkey, a persona I haven't seen for several weeks, appeared in that exam room.

When I sat down, Axel sat in my lap. When the Dr. touched his hand, he did his scared breathing thing, his entire body tensed, and wrapped his legs around mine. When she said it was time to hop up on the exam table, he wrapped his arms around my neck and said, "OOOOowwwwww".

I peeled Mr. Spider monkey off and deposited him on the table, assuring him that there were no owies yet and to just relax. Which he did, because he's a good little spider monkey, and we are bonding and all that.

As he laid back on the table, I saw something I have never seen before. (Probably because I don't watch him do sit-ups without a shirt very often) but he has a HUGE hernia. (diastasis recti) Now, this is pretty common in infants, especially those with Down syndrome. Angela did not have this (though she had several other hernias repaired) It is also common in woman who've gone through a pregnacy and is repaired, which is part of a tummy tuck. I know...I used to have this and it was repaired...But I'm pretty sure Axel hasn't had a pregnancy, so  I'm not very familiar with what, if anything, is done with it in a 10 year old boy. And I didn't ask either, cuz we have enough on our plate and I'm not looking for anything else right now, than you very much! We still have to get his dental work done for goodness sake!

Once the spider monkey exam was done, we went over what immunizations he needed. The International Adoption clinic played vampire several weeks ago and ran titers to see what he's immune to so he doesn't get unnecessary vaccines.  I knew he'd already had chicken pox, because he has several tiny pox scars on his face. Since he's starting school in a few weeks, AND having an IV run in a few days, we decided it's best to get his DPT  done so he at least has tetanus covered. Axel needs about 12 different shots over the course of the next 8 weeks or so. Since he's 10 he can technically get several at once, but I'm leering of doing that so we'll spread them out. A lot. As much as I can without it affecting his ability to start school.

Discussion done, Spidey and I were waiting for the nurse to come back in with the shot hidden in her pocket.  Axel was sitting in his own chair, and I in mine, and he was looking at me and jabbering in Axelese. I'm pretty sure he said, "So are we going home or what, cuz in case you didn't notice, everyone else left the room. And, by the way, my shoes are over there and could you hand them to me? And yes, Angela told me there is a McDonalds right next door and yes I did too see it when we drove in, and yes, I know they have fries. And by the way I'll have a chocolate shake too. Oh, and..."

And then the nurse, Bridget, came in with one hand in her pocket.

"Ooowwwww" said Axel as he morphed back into spidey and lunged for my neck.

How did he know? He has not had ANY shots since he was 12 months old! We never ONCE said the word "shot", and even if we had I don't think he'd know the word. (unless Angela taught him, which is very possible since they play "Doctor"  A LOT! And one of them cried yesterday when they were playing but they BOTH looked guilty, and now I have figured out a way to set up a secret camera to spy on them when they're playing just out of my sight.)

Fortunately, although spidey has muscular arms, and ZERO percent body fat, I didn't have to hold him too tight. The shot was done quickly and he was more worried about the sticky bandaid that was put on afterward. Sticke + Axel = no thank you very much!

We left with a stack of papers for Thursday's procedure, and I just I typed this...remembered I was supposed to get a copy of Axel's x-rays to bring along. Lovely. I have tomorrow and Weds to do that. I predict a problem with this lack of planning on my part.

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G-Zell said...

oh no poor Axel. They always know about those shots. My teen boys always freak out about shots. I don't tell them anymore if they are getting a shot cuz they will freak out LOL....