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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sleeping...or not?

Sleeping is getting really weird around here. I mean, stuff keeps happening! I think it's the ghost, but Dean doesn't agree with me.

So last night I was just drifting off when

WHACK! Dean gets me in the eye with his hand.

Me: "Ouch!" and push his hand away

Dean: "Ouch! What are you doing? You just hit me in the eye"

Me: No I didn't, you hit me in the eye! I pushed our hand off MY eye! Roll over the other way.

Dean: Well don't hit me in the eye again!

Fast forward about an hour or so, when suddenly all four dogs start going nuts about something outside. It took them a good 10 minutes to settle down, so they must have smelled something out there. Neither of us got up to look. Our eyes hurt.

4:15 this morning, I'm woken with a low "Hooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwl" coming from UMDER our bed!

It's Zurri, our standard poodle. She sleeps with her head under the bed and was howling in her sleep. This was the strangest, and frankly the creepiest thing I've ever heard. It sounded like a death howl, or like one of the Coyotes that are often in our front yard only was now under our bed.

I'm tired today, and had a terrible time getting out of bed this morning. I wonder why?????

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Jackie said...

Leah, it must of been the night cause I was the same way. I swear Asa must talk in his sleep, because I hear "Mama" and I instantly wake up. And then I think I hear him opening his door and I jump up because the 2 dogs sleeping in our room and the one dog that doesn't get along with the other 2 sleeps in the hall. So I'm instantly on guard so Ace doesn't open the door and let Russ in. I finally locked our bedroom door at 3am and made it back to sleep a half hour later after listening to all the "sounds" with my Momma Ears on...