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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Got Lice?

No, we do not have lice, thank you very much! But tonight on Dirtiest Jobs, they were filming a company that does head lice removal.

No, really. That's all the do.

So then my friend Susan sent me a link to a The Minnesota Lice Lady. So, if you're ever finding your household dealing with these nasty critters, google around in your area to see if there is a Lice Lady near you!

I have to go scratch now.


Twilson9608 said...

This may sound pretty pathetic, but I have a serious fear of head lice. I actually have nightmares about them and then I am scratching for days. I even wake up and make my husband check my head. I dont know why, most families seems to get it throughout the school age years at least once... but I HATE those nasty bugs!

Annie @ The House That Jade Built said...

UGH that's one dirty job I couldn't handle!!

Janet said...

I have to agree that these are THE nastiest things I've ever dealt with. My older daughter had them when she was little (caught them at her dad's house - UGH!). I was SOOOO grossed out. I am constantly reminding my other kids not to put on other people's hats, use their combs, brushes, etc. BLECH! Good to know there may be a "Lice Lady"... I will definitely be googling if one of my kids get them!!!