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Monday, January 24, 2011

Someone's going to heaven!

Someone is going STRAIGHT to heaven, I tell ya! Remember this post?

My doorbell rang a few minutes ago.

FOUR MORE SETS of Signing Time videos! I am beside myself right now.

Axel is absorbing signs SO FAST, and although I sign EVERYTHING to him. (seriously, everything out of my mouth is signed, even if I'm talking to someone else.) there are signs that I try to focus on every day. He is learning so many new concepts right now, and I'm just trying to pump as much into him as I can before he starts school in a few weeks. I can't make up for ten whole years of educational neglect, but I can flood his brain with stimulation in preparation for school. If he at least has the *idea* that some of this stuff has meaning, starting school will be so much easier for him.

Signing Time has helped me do just that! The videos remind me of certain signs or concepts to work on with him. They also reinforce signs that I've already introduced (probably 100 new signs per week that I'm specifically pointing out to him.)

So whoever you are, obviously you don't want to be known. But THANK YOU so much for giving this gift to Axel. You are helping to solidify communication for him, not to mention forming a bond between him and Angela who love to watch the videos together. And, lets not forget the fact your generosity raised $1000 for another family to bring their child home!

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