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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

By Axel: Cooking with Papa

Papa said, "Axel, come in the kitchen. We're going to cook." Oh, I was so excited. I love to help in the kitchen. This is big business, I better roll up my sleeves. 

 I watched Papa crack some eggs, then he let me put them back in the fridge. (Mama closed her eyes.) See that dog? Her name is Zurri, and she follows me everywhere. I like her a lot!

Next we had to stir. Stirring is a lot of work! 

Papa poured some stuff into the bowl. 

Thanks for helping Papa!

Hey Angela! I'm cooking in here!!! 

Ooh, you're a good stirrer too Angela. 

Enough of the sharing business. I'm ready to have a turn again. 

No really, it should be my turn by now. 

Oh Papa, I sure love you! Can I have a turn now? (this is called "sucking up")

Checking to make sure Papa is doing it right.

Angela had something important to say to Mama. 

I sure love my big sister! I'm pretty sure she loves me too. 


Sheila said...

Okay, so what did you guys make? With all that good help, I bet it was yummy!

racheal_stewart said...

Yeah, what did Axel and Angela help make? Love those faces.

Kim said...

He has the best and sweetest expressions! And the best big sister, hands down. tHanks for sharing. :)

Kathie Brinkman said...

I'm in tears seeing those pics of Dean with the kids. The expression on his face is pure love, joy & delight. What a gift in your home. You need to frame that one of Dean & Axel for when any hard times come.

Becca said...

Kids helping out in the kitchen create such sweet moments. I love seeing how happy Axel is and how beautifully he's settled into his new, permanent life! :-)

Milena said...

That hug is just too sweet!

Children helping in the kitchen is wonderful - though it creates the worst messes :-) at least here!