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Thursday, January 06, 2011

Someone sent me a gift!!!

Wow, I'm sitting here stunned, and in tears! Good tears, mind you!

While I was in Serbia, I ordered 5 Signing Time Videos. I actually ordered 6, but one of them was off Amazon and I didn't realize it was a VHS tape. (who buys those anymore?) Of course the one that I ordered wrong was the one I was most interested in! Such is life.

Anyway, I really like the videos, and as a former ASL interpreter I appreciate the fact that while Rachel is speaking English, she is signing ASL structure (which is VERY different from spoken English!) Since I brought Axel home and confirmed his significant hearing loss, this is HUGE for me.

Fast forward to today. I'm doing "stuff" trying to get ready for a family gathering tomorrow. (To my family who is reading, when you see my clean house tomorrow, please know it is purely a miracle that it got done, and thank God for giving me the energy to do it!) when my doorbell rang.

I answered it.

And there sat a box.

I opened it.

There inside were FOUR SETS of Signing Time DVD's!!! How cool is this??? Somebody loves us!

And now I have a dilemma: Five of the videos are ones I just bought, which means what??? I'm going to need to do a

!!!GIVE AWAY!!! 

This set of videos is a $75 value. Since there are soooo many families trying to scrape together funds for a adoptions, I will do a $5 donation per entry so that someone else can benefit from this unexpected gift and get a child home!

So..hang on to your hats, I'll post more details later!


Linnea said...

Yay! Cant wait!

Be blessed


Rachel said...

Ooo! What an awesome gift! I can't wait to see the giveaway - I would love the videos :)

Tiffany said...

Oooh, cool!! Shoot me an email when you do your giveaways and I'll link you up!!

Linnea said...

Leah- can you tell me what a medical waiver is?
thanks so much.

Be blessed