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Sunday, January 23, 2011

His Promises - Just over the Horizon

Our driveway is like a roller coaster. You come up a very steep hill and come to a stop at the top where the house sits. As you pull forward, to go down the other side, there are a few feet where you can't see where you're going. You know by keeping the wheels of the car straight that you're on the right path, but you really cannot see. You are driving by faith for those few feet.

In Exodus 14, when Moses told the Children of Israel to step into the red sea, they could not see what was before them. Moses put his arm over the water as directed by God, and the Israelites trusted that as they took each step the sea would be parted further for them to take yet another step. They could not see the ground in which their next step would be placed, but they stepped forward anyway, and found each foot stood upon dry land. They stepped faith and obedience, and watched the sea become a wall of water on either side of them. And, because they followed the promise of God, they later saw the water come down upon the Egyptians and all their chariots and horsemen. The Egyptians could no longer cause harm or fear. They were annihilated.

That is where I am right now. I am stepping forward. Doing so because God told me to. I cannot see what will be beneath each step but I'm moving forward on the path God put me to back in April. I know that the promises of God wait for us if we follow Him through the wilderness. I know that my Egyptians will be dealt with in a way that only God can orchestrate.

There is change brewing. BIG CHANGE. For ourselves living in this household, and for others. For adoptive families and for waiting children. Change. Step forward.  The way is being cleared before you, just out of your sight. Like the children of Israel, be obedient and you will find your feet placed safely upon dry land. You will cross the wilderness. It will not be easy. Follow His commands for you, and you will find His promises.

I expect to be coming into the wilderness any day now. I will keep my eyes on Him and His promises. I know that the riches waiting for me there are far greater than I can ever imagine.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure you already know this, but you just made me smile. We need to talk on Monday! I'm proud of you and I love you.

Twilson9608 said...

That was beautiful. I used to have a very hard time to giving my life in full to God. Still, I have a hard time realizing that regardless of the situations, I have no control over the outcome. God is good and we are blessed to be lead by such an amazing leader.

Tiffany said...

Not really appropriate to say much, but I just had to say, "gor-GE-ous!" Thank you for sharing this gem today!