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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More Dr. Visits

Angela has been home sick this week. Actually, she went to school on Monday and was *fine* when I dropped her off. At about 2:30 her teacher called to let me know she's be coming home sick. When Angela catches a cold it comes on FAST and starts with the worst sneezing you've ever seen. They're actually a combination of sneezes+coughs, and "stuff" goes flying EVERYWHERE! The word "copious" would fit perfectly. UGH! I wonder if it doesn't start as an allergic reaction because her eyes are all watery and itchy, plus the sneezing, and it comes on so fast. She was in bed by 7:00 that night and didn't wake up until 9:30 the next morning! She's home again today, but I think tomorrow she'll be ready for school. Of course, Friday they're off.....sigh.....

Today Axel saw the Pediatric eye specialist. I've been VERY curious about his vision! I couldn't tell if he is having issues or not, except that his eyes are constantly tearing. Clearly his ducts are blocked, but I wondered if some of it was from eye strain.

So the Dr. confirmed that yes his ducts are badly blocked and he'll be getting stents put in when he has his dental work done. (one of the reasons we've held off on the dental work was to get this visit done so we knew if we'd need to combine procedures.) The stents will stay in anywhere from 3-6 months. She did say they have a new kind now that are different from what Angela had. (who, by the way, needs them again!) They're a little easier to manage and not visible, which means they also can't be pulled out by the kids. (Angela pulled hers out at about 6 weeks.) The dr. will know exactly how long they need to stay in based on how much scarring she sees when she puts them in.

His actual vision? FINE! He does have astigmatism, so within about 2 years will probably need glasses for near sightedness, but for now he's all good. Poor Axel, he's DETERMINED to wear glasses. You may see some of my pictures where he is already wearing them. They're an old pair of Angela's with the lenses pulled out. LOL Everyone else in the house wears glasses so he thinks he should too, of course! Here is is brushing Angela's hair (one of his favorite things to do) with "his" glasses on. LOL

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Becca said...

Wow, a kid that actually *wants* to wear glasses! He's ahead of the game! Love the photo. :-)