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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What's Axel doing today?

Axel is a sponge. Have I mentioned that already? Seriously, this kid amazes me. He now recognizes about 1/2 of the alphabet, and all the numbers 1-10. He's learning to count (though the signs 6-9 are confusing!) He's working on hard on learning to write his name. Somewhere I have a video of him from a day or so after getting custody of him. He had no idea how to hold a pencil, much less do anything with it. I gave him markers and it was clear he'd never seen them before. Well...look what he does now! He will do this ENTIRE page, only getting help in the "e" cuz they're tricky, those "e's"! (he suddenly needs far more help when the camera comes out. ROFL) Notice how he stays EXACTLY on the line? This boy is neat freak, I tell ya! With his drawing, he has just started making circles on his own, and I'm starting to see the beginnings of faces.

We've also been working on responding to the question, "What's your name?" because he's going to get asked that A LOT in the coming weeks as he starts school. I was THRILLED to find one of our new Signing Time videos has greeting phrases on it! (talk about timing!) Funny, today at the eye doctor no fewer than FIVE people - both children and adults - asked him "What's your name?" When Axel signs it, he usually reverses the order of the words. LOL Still, he's doing it on his own. He needs a TINY bit of help spelling his name. He gets the "A-x", but needs help with the "e-l".


racheal_stewart said...

Wow Leah, the progress Axel has made in such a short time is truely incredible. You have got some mad skills as a teacher!
My 2 year old loves watching videos of Axel. Right now she's asking to see him again. She was very worried in the first video when she couldn't see his head.

Cindy said...

Excellent videos showing how much he's learned! You can see on his face how proud he is of his accomplishments! So exciting!

Thank you for commenting on my blog about Special Olympics as a place for Beth to meet boys. :)
We want to get her more involved and will definitely look into that!

blcmec1 said...

Oh my, this is just incredible! He is amazing. You are too, Leah!
I love his expressions - he's so sweet! - Maureen C

Stacy said...

Oh Leah, talk about me sitting here with the BIGGEST smile on my face.. He's doing so wonderful!!!!