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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Transfer Imminent

In my previous post, you were able to see for yourself what the word "transfer" means. I mentioned that some of the waiting children listed on Reece's Rainbow have warnings that they're approaching their transfer date, making it CRUCIAL that a family is found soon! Often a child cannot be adopted once they've been transferred. Here are just a few of the children who are in imminent danger right now, or who have ALREADY BEEN TRANSFERRED but are still able to be adopted.

These children have Already been Transferred! Do you see your child here? HURRY! Each day that is spent in the institution is another day for them to loose their will to life. MANY children do not survive more than a few months after transfer, depending upon where they were sent.

(click on the child's name to read his or her full profile)

These children are approaching their next birthday, which means their transfer is IMMINENT! 

Anthony ($6555.69 grant available!)

Artem ($3615.50 Grant available!)

Devon ($1995 Grant Available!)

Daniel ($1000 Grant Available!)

 Colby ($1000 Grant Available!)


lotbot92 said...

Hi Leah, just thought I should let you know that I THINK there is a family already hoping to adopt Gage

Which is GOOD news of course :)
Charlotte xx

Ellen said...

I think the last little boy you listed "Gage" is being adopted by this family: