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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How's Your state Doing?

The National Center for Learning Disabilities has issued their annual Special Education scorecards for every state in the nation.

Do you want to know how your state is doing? Go check it out!

Now, it takes a long time for the NCLD to compile all the results, so these are the 2009 totals. 2010 won't be out until January 2012. You can also see how your state did compared to previous years.  I'm in Minnesota. Thankfully for 2009 Minnesota "Meets the Requirments", but I'm sure there are areas that need improvement since it's not a perfect world.

Hows your state doing?


blcmec1 said...

PA meets requirements. Yeah! Unfortunately we still have a few years until Mark is in the school system. I also want to add that Axel is one of the most photogenic kids! He is adorable. - Maureen C

racheal_stewart said...

Colorado needs assistance. That can't be good.

Emily said...

Out in january 2010?? What are you talking about? That was a year ago!

Leah said...

Thanks for pointing out my typo Emily. No need to sound nasty about it! Wow...